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Shri Ram and Shri Hanuman

Following is the List of Documents in Telugu

a) The Shri Hanuman Chalisa in Telugu, adobe pdf format.:
Shri Hanuman Chalisa Telugu.pdf
(to save on your computer just do a right mouse click and do a save as, you will need to download the Free Acrobat Reader, from http://www.adobe.com)

b) The Shri Anjaneya Dhadakan in Telugu, adobe pdf format.:
Shri Anjaneya Dhadakan Telugu.pdf

This was contirbuted by Vennam Raghu.

Please note, I do not know telugu, but it was recommended that there be a cross reference be built for this site in Telugu, thus the start of the Telugu project.

Please note if you are looking for additional Regilious Documents in Telugu, please go to http://telugubhakti.com.
If looking for Hanuman Based Telugu Stotra's, please refer to http://telugubhakti.com/telugupages/Hanuman/Hanupage.html

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